It cannot be denied that WordPress provides you so many themes and also plugins that make such development a lot easier and this also helps add excellent functionalities on the website. Oftentimes, people would like to switch their themes in order to change the overall look. But, you must understand that changing the themes much easier than you actually thought. When you are new to WordPress portfolio themes and it is your first time to change the theme, you must not get nervous. Here are some tips that you must follow prior to taking a further step or you may end up losing everything which you didn’t like to lose. Check out ellion wordpress theme at this link to get started.

The first thing that you must do is to backup. One of the very common things that you must do before you would switch the theme is that you should backup the website. This would allow you to restore the previous website in case of mistakes. You should always backup before you make any change on the site. This can also reduce the changes of any loss.

You must also make sure that you take note of the present theme. When you are surfing the internet to look for the accurate solution to the problem, make sure that you take note on the present theme. This can help you choose the new one and the chances of any mess are much lesser than the first. Because of this, you must go through the theme file and take note of all the codes that would help you out if anything goes problematic.

Prior to switching the theme, you should not forget to check on the tracking codes as well as the Google analytic multiple times. This can help you check the actual performance, the conversion rate as well as anything else important regarding the website. You must preserve them before you would have your new theme and reduce the chances of mistake.

Make sure that you don’t forget to test the plugins. When you like to add the old plugins in the new theme, you must double-check them. Ensure that they really support the new theme or you must switch to another option. Together with this, you have to delete all the old plugins that you don’t like to use since this can affect the performance of the website and also slow down the speed too. Know that all the above points are going to change the theme of the WordPress website in a successful manner.

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